Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stocking for Lucas

Finaly the end of this stocking.
Its for my grandson lucas. He is only seven months but in the future he wil enjoy it. Now I can make the bleu fabric behind it. And a  ribbon for the stove to hang on. I  started  Gothic, from Marta Dahlig but there were some health isseus. Still not better but its comming slowly back again.
Sorry this is non HEAD. but at this time its all I did in three months. In a respons of Louannes question I will give up my place to a more active new member. I hope I can get back to a more serious project I hope so. Good luck everyone. I enjoyed it here very much. Astrid.


Louanne said...

Is this an HAED design?

Astrid said...

No Louanne I am sorry. In youre post i give up my membership. The email didnt want to send it. Astrid

Louanne said...

No problem Astrid, I won't delete you!

Miamina said...

Even if it's not HAED, it's still lovely!

I very much hope that your health improves and we see some update for Gothic as it's a lovely chart :)

Anonymous said...

What an adorable stocking! I am sure your grandson will enjoy it. :)

Best wishes on your health improving.