Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm behind on Buddy Requests

Just a quick note.  You may have noticed that I haven't deleted anybody yet.  I'm overwhelmed with the Bulletin Board, Face Book page, etc.  Also trying to fit a life in there somewhere.  Getting the yard ready for Summer (if Summer ever makes it to the East Coast).   As if all that wasn't enough, my laptop is acting up.  So if you've sent me a request to become a buddy and haven't heard back from me as yet, don't worry.  I'll be getting back to the admin of this blog soon.  I will do a cleanup of posting members, and I will go through the Buddy List in order, I just need more time. 
Thanks in Advance for your understanding.


Lija Broka said...

Don't worry I will wait patiently, I am in no hurry. It looks if the names on the side anything to go by that you have have a massive task ahead. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I can wait I would like to be considered for a buddy. I have posted often while working on my xmas stocking. I haven't posted in a couple of months due to taking a heavy course load this quarter. I will be done in three weeks and then I will be back working on my next stocking

Kim Hopkins

Kristen Dyrr said...

Oooh, I love dragons!!