Monday, November 28, 2011

Soulmates Update

The saddest update ever? It might be.
This is Soulmates by Anne Stokes. I started it last year, hard to tell right? I know. Its probably only the fourth time I've pulled this piece out all year. However I did get one of those "cheat" pages done. It was like 1/10 of a real page. So here's the blue blob that will eventually (hopefully) become a lot more interesting as I work through it. :)


Sabine S. said...

Don't knock the blob! I'd be happy with that much progress in 4 sittings!! Maybe you just have to cross country your way to an interesting part to rekindle your desire to stitch it.

Tanya Watt said...

a page finish is a page finish it's one less you have to stitch and they are all important to make the design complete well done don't get discouraged it's just one milestone in your journey