Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First Rose, Christensen

I finished half of the face. It is a spectacular sight. The photo was taken a bit from the bottom, so it seems a little out of proportion. I am satisfied with the face. I hope to have it ready in November so I can go back to the Christmas stocking. And the Medusa is lonely.
It is wonderful autumn weather. The leaves change color nicely. And storms roar around the house. Lovely stitching weather.


flo gribouille said...

flo gribouille

INGRID said...

Unbelievably beautiful! It's a great job Astrid!

Gizzimomo said...

WOW! She's looking fantastic!

Marie said...

Astrid, your work is stunning... and so touching !
The realism of the face is thrilling.
I can also see cracks in her hair, it's amazing how the details appear !

I love particularly the subtle make-up of the eye, and the part that you have now stitched highlights the lips.

Enjoy the end of this beautiful journey... !

Mrs Macaw said...

Absolutely fantastic!

Mel said...

So close, can't wait to see it complete.