Saturday, September 10, 2011

The First Rose. JC. Christensen

I looked at all the updates. Its tremendous what everybody has reached.
So, after all the fatigues of the holiday, I started stitching again.
I have now begun at the fun part of The Rose. Her neck and face.
This morning I still spent time in the garden. What a mess it was there. After the rain and the storms. The grass was too long. And many flowers aborted. It's a little neat now.


f said...

c'est un modèle superbe, les couleurs sont waouh bravo
Flo Gribouille

Marie said...

Dear Astrid,

I was without any internet connection during a long time, about 4 weeks I think.
Now I can come here again, and...what a shock !!!
Your work, Astrid, is AMAZING !!!!

I have missed your last updates because of my lack of internet, and now your work has so much grown !!
And not only grown, no, it has beautifully grown !
It has taken another dimension. When I look at her armband, it looks like it was in three-dimensional.
The details and the colors are very elaborate, so that your embroidery is much better than the picture !

I am excited to discover her face...
Thank you Astrid for sharing with us your treasure...


Mrs Macaw said...


sharine said...

she is looking amazing

Kaisievic said...

The stitching is beautiful and the colours so rich. Lovely job so far. Well done.

threadbear said...

Beautiful update as always Astrid! I can't wait to see her face. The detail in her dress is stunning.