Monday, September 12, 2011

Firebird, from K. Craft

Hello everybody !

I am a big fan of Kinuko Craft’s artwork, and that’s why several of my WIPs are from this outstanding artist.

One of them is Firebird, which is a special and marvelous journey for me.

Imagine that my needle is a little firefly who began to illuminate some parts of the painting.

So, I followed the light which showed me first the rider.

Next came the corner of the egg, and then, the woman’s shoulder.

Finally, my needle brought the lady’s face to light.

Let me show you some pictures...

Stitched on 28 count, with two strands of floss, one over one

Afterwards, the firefly has flown away to another horizon...

In fact, today I am working on another of my WIPs, but this story is for a next post...!

Happy stitching to all !!



Joke said...

Great to see your work, happy stitching!

sharine said...

lovely stitching

Astrid said...

Wow Marie, its so Gorgeous this one. you did an amazing job. Youre choise is great. Kinuko is one of my favorite to. glad youre stitch work is stil there.

grannie said...

Absolutely beautiful and such amazing detail already!