Sunday, September 4, 2016


Long time since I updated here, but tought this was a good time.

Page 18 of 42 is finished for a while now but I just placed the picture. Now you see how big Witching actually becomes. Now I started page 19 of 42 and for stitches I'm at the halfway point of the piece. (pages 36 to 42 are only small partial pages) The cat itselve is almost finished and now more books, a map and the candle follow. And offcourse the table still has to be stitched. Still a long time to stitch but each stitch is one :)

Love, Babs


CreativeStitch said...

This is turning out beautiful!! I am also working on this one too but still on page 1

Needles Everywhere said...

I had no idea how large this piece is. It is beautiful.

Renee said...

Absolutely stunning!