Friday, April 10, 2015

QS Garnet Stitched by Vani

So before I continue with my Shore Line Village, I thought I would get started on a project that I have been wanting to get a move on for a very long time!  It is the Birthstone collection by Rachel Anderson.  It is the QS versions of all 12.  I have started with January - Garnet.

I started on 22Count and tried 1 over 1 and was not really happy with the coverage,

So I decided to start over and stitch it 2 over 1 on the 22 Count, and was much happier with  the coverage,

So that is where I have left it and now I am off to pick up Shore Line Village!



Renee said...

It looks great with 2 over 1 on the 22-count. What a lovely start!

demeter83 said...

You can see the different in the coverage, looks great!

Unknown said...