Monday, April 7, 2014

Mini Lily of the Valley

Hi everyone,

My name is Lauren and I am a cross stitch blogger from Australia. 

I have just joined this site as a buddy and am very excited about it. I am currently stitching HAED "Mini Lily of the Valley" by Rachel Anderson.

Here is a link to my blog if you would like to follow me

If you are wondering how I am stitching this:

Project Info:

Fabric: 25ct. Evenweave Magic Guide - White

Floss: DMC 

Stitched: 1 over 1

I've been stitching quite a bit over the past two days and I wanted to show you my progress. The last 10x10 square I did today took me all day…literally. It was confetti madness!

As of 1/4/14 (Page One Progress)

As of 2/4/14 (Page One Progress)

I have now completed a total of 2300 stitches! I for one am pretty proud of that :) 

Let me know if you like my progress. I hope all of your projects are coming along nicely.

Happy stitching!

Lauren xx


Annie said...

I think your progress is great! That confetti can be a nightmare! I love the colors in this one.

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