Thursday, October 31, 2013

Winter Angel, Marie.

Hello everybody !

Autumn, what a beautiful season !

As the trees are loosing their leaves, two more completed pages have fallen from my Winter Angel’s stitching file.
I really cherish this feeling of intense satisfaction when a page is going to be finished.
When the last cross is stitched, I am in a kind of sweet beatitude.
Everything around me is stopping, even the time...
Then, I breathe.
I step back from my work and I take a global view.
This is precisely one of the most magical moment !

My Angel has now her mandolin and I can hear the angelic and lovely music whispering at my soul.
The journey is so enriching !
As the trees are loosing their leaves, I continue to walk on the path of my dream...


After :

Stitched 2 over 1 on 25 count Dublin Linen

Happy Stitching !



The Crafty Princess said...

So beautiful! It looks so realistic. Congrats on completing another 2 pages.
Alicia xo

Joke said...

How happy I am to see this angel appearing again. Such a great progress, congrats!!

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely lovely! What a masterpiece you are creating. :)

Arantxa said...

Your angel it's beautiful!!!

Astrid said...

its so beautiful, you can hear her realy play

florence laissac said...

Best Quality is really beautiful this angel, I love the quiet side, congratulations for this advanced

Lonneke said...

I love the autumn too. And your stitching. ;)
She is so beautiful.