Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Owl In Poppy Field as of 10th July 2013 (Page 2 Done) by Gizzimomo

I've completed the second page on Annya Kai's Owl In Poppy Field!

Hope you like my progress so far, I'm totally in love with her already!

As of 10th July 2013 (Page 2 Done)


Annie said...

SO cute! I love the colors, and that eye looks amazing?

Anonymous said...

i am so happy to see your progress. I have this chart as well and am delighted to see that it stiches up so nicely. congrats on a fast 2nd page finish!

Anonymous said...

I love the progress on all Your works, but when I see them I always wonder - how much time do You spend stitching every day? I try to spend as many hours as I can stitching one of my HAED charts and it is not even half of Your progress. I'd love to be as quick as You are :)

Lonneke said...

Love it!

Gizzimomo said...

I'm unble to work due to ill health so I can stitch all day every day if I choose to so often I can stitch for 12 hours a day on and off (with housework and stuff)

Marie Smith said...

I love owls and the colors are so pretty! Will be watching updates on this one :)