Saturday, June 9, 2012

first page (finally) finished!!!

   Hey everybody!  I'm back.  Although I don't think many will remember me.  I'm Amanda.  My mom's been blogging and now that school's out I have more time to relax and stitch!  I can't wait!  I've been working on lots of stitching projects for my teachers so I've done a lot of stitching.  But only stamp cross stitching.  So I'm glad to get back to pre-holed (or whatever you call it :) fabric.  Took me one year but I finally got one done.  But that's because I was lazy.  : # )  Sorry I ramble a lot.    But this is Pearl Princess by Hannah Disney and I LOVE the color.   It's on 18 ct. lilac,  2 over 1, page 1.   I think I love this piece because I love neon and lots of bright and fun colors!  See ya, (hopefully soon).
                                                                       Happy stitching,


Lija said...

Looks good.

Amanda said...

Thank you!

nikkin said...

Very pretty, I love all the bright colors! Glad you will have some more stitchy time for the summer, your project looks great!


Amanda j. said...

me too! thanks!