Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mini Sunflower Cottage (Gelsinger); 28ct, 1 over 1, cross country - update.
Bit of an update on this one - some of the outlines are really becoming visable now.  The eagle eyed among you may notice that I'm cheating a bit in terms of the cross country by starting to put in some of the blue background, but generally speaking I'm still working colour by colour.


Miamina said...

Looks great! When I saw your first update I went and bought the chart, I'd not seen it before and the colours looks so bright and vibrant.

Can't wait to see this as you make progress.

Well done so far and thanks for sharing :)

Lija said...

Looks a little like a man laughing. But well done! The flowers at the bottom are becoming very visible. Can't wait to see some colour in the stitching!

Dancing With Pussycats said...

How interesting to see this stitched color by color. Can't wait to see it grow some more. Especially when the yellows start to come in.

Anonymous said...

oh I am enjoying your updates ~ it is so neat how the picture is emerging.

best wishes

Astrid said...

color by color I have never done, it works for you I see... beautiful