Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Start and some progress pics

After some gentle "coaxing" from some other fine HAED stitchers I started Faery Tales by James Christensen(?).I'm stitching it on 28 ct. pale blue 1x1 and I've gotten in about 500-700 stitches-I did put it down for this week to work on QS Dragon Soul for the Fairy Day SAL on the BB. I got a bit done on it-I think I now agree with others that don't like the #4 braid on the face.I'm only using 1 strand of it too and learned from the first side that I do all the stitches around the shiny spots and then go back and fill it in. I found if I did it along the way I would lose a hole here and there because of the thickness of the #4.I also worked on SK MOTD for the final SK SAL,didn't get it finished but got alot done. Valorie(she's 4,my GD)picked Sunny for me to do on the next SK SAL,we're getting excited about that one.Love all the colors in her!
I just got my computer fixed and we lost all of our other stuff,I don't feel like linking to photobucket atm so just these recent updates is what I have.I'm finishing up some on QS Dragon Soul as I'm itching to get back to Faery Tales....But I really need to work on a better rotation-I stll need to finish QS Citrine and SK Rose on Fire....

These were all scanned on 6/19/10,I'll scan QS Dragon Soul a little later today and stick it in here too.
I had a great time going thru the posts and seeing all the great progress being made,there sure are some lovely charts being stitched out there:)   Everybody have a great day!

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Sabine S. said...

You've got a lot going! I need a rotation too, still haven't finished my Mermaid or even printed the pages for Rose in the new SAL. Happy stitching and enjoy your new start!