Sunday, February 7, 2010

HAED Updates :)

I had a great week on two of my HAED's I worked on Elfland and Oriental Courage. With Elfland I am almost to my goal of 2000 stitches. I only have 1100 more stitches to go to get to my goal. I should reach that today. I will keep going on this design as well as If I finish the page this month then that is fine too. Here is Elfland: The other one I worked on was Oriental Courage. My goal this month is to finish the first Page as you can see I am almost there. The left hand side has where it goes about two rows into the next page so there really isn't much left. I will definitely be done page 1 this month. Here is the picture:
Happy Stitching All


Carolyn NC said...

Awesome progress, Terri!

jessneal said...

Got you stitching groove back i see. Very nice.

Ingrid said...

Great progress terri , it looks very nice !